Textured walls and VOC paints

Some textures it will stick to, others it won't. The vinyl has a hard time sticking to paint that has both paint and primer in it, flat finish or a low sheen pint and most VOC paints. Please know what kind of paint you have before you order. If your walls have a texture or if you used one of those paints on your walls, contact me for a free test decal before you order.

Refunds are not given for decals that don't stick to your walls. I cannot guarantee that my decals will stick to all walls as everyone's walls and paint brand is different. Please contact me for a free sample decal before you purchase to make sure the decal will stick to your wall.

What if my decal doesn't stick?

If you didn't order a test decal and your decal doesn't stick, there are a few tricks you can try to get it to stick. You can try applying it with heat from a blow dryer and pressing it firmly against the wall with the heat. Or place a light fabric like a sheet over it and apply heat from an iron on a low setting to get it to stick. A lot of people have had luck with the iron. 

Be aware, refunds will not be given for decals that don't stick. Please order a test sample if you are unsure of your paint or texture.

Can I see a proof of what it will look like?

Yes, you can request a proof of an item by sending me a message when you check out. I will send you a proof back before your items are processed and you can make changes from there if needed.

About the vinyl

The vinyl comes with a high-quality matte finish which looks more like paint and is easy to remove. It can be applied to any flat surface. The decals stick to slightly textured surfaces. Vinyl is easy to apply and remove. It will not ruin your paint when you want to remove it, however, I cannot be held responsible for any damage it may cause upon removal. Once you remove the decal, you cannot reuse it.

Processing and shipping times

I process all the orders I have on Monday and Thursday nights and they ship out the next day. However, I am a mom of 4 kids and sometimes things happen and your order might sit an extra few days, but that is very, rare. 

All orders are sent via priority mail which generally takes 2-3 days from Utah. My turnaround time is quick so that you can receive your decal faster. I do not do any rush or priority shipping.

Refunds and exchanges

Because you are able to customize your decal with the color of your choice and may not be able to be reused, a 50% refund will be given to you if your decal does not include a name. Items that were purchased with a name cannot be refunded as the item was custom ordered and created. Shipping charges will not be refunded back to you. If you want to cancel your order for a full refund, you must do it within 1 day of your purchase.

Because of the customization of each decal, exchanges cannot be made for a different item. However, if you need a different color, contact us and we will only have you pay the shipping.

International Shipments

Each country handles customs differently, some countries will make you pay a customs fee in order to receive your package and some don't. Please be aware of how your country handles them before you place your order. Refunds will not be given for packages that are returned because of unpaid customs fees. I am not responsible for paying extra fees when it comes to customs charges, this is your responsibility.