Designed Beginnings History

Hi, name is Ragan and I am a work at home mom of four kids and a graphic designer.  After I graduated from college, I got my start designing for small businesses including a small print shop where I first learned how to use a vinyl cutter.

In 2009 I decided to quit my job at the printing shop and turn my focus on my new family.  Though I was busy learning the ropes of being a new mom, I couldn’t keep away from the design work that I love.  And so with the extra time between feedings, diapers, and naps, I began designing wall decals for baby nurseries.  I loved how easy it was to transform the walls in my sons nursery to go along with any theme and personalize it with his name.

I bought a small vinyl cutter when I quit my job in 2009 and sold my first creation online later that same year.  While the road has not been easy, the company has now grown to the point that five other people have been added to the team. We are so grateful to our customers who let us do what we love from home so that we can watch our kids grow. Thank you for your support!